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Why The Coffee Maker Is A Must Have Appliance For Any Household

If you were to go into any home in America, the chances of finding a coffee maker sitting on the counter are quite good. Coffee makers have become a standard appliance for most households in this country. They are typically put in the same category as the stove or the microwave oven, something that our society can not live without. They are very simple to operate and require very few supplies. All that is needed to make a cup of coffee is coffee, coffee filters and water. Since coffee makers have become so common, manufacturers have developed a variety of different models to meet everyone's needs.

There are very basic coffee makers with no added features. These basic models do just that, make a pot of coffee. But even most of these have been upgraded with automatic shut off switches.

This was added to prevent the fires caused by makers being left on unattended for too long. Basically, what the automatic shut off switch does is shut off the machine after a certain period of time. That way a homeowner does not have to worry about forgetting to turn of the coffee pot before they leave the house.

The machine does it for them. With advancements in technology, the coffee maker manufactures of today have added features in addition to the automatic shut off switch. Coffee makers now have clocks and timers that can be set the night before so that when a person wakes up in the morning they do so to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This is also a time saving device for those individuals who are always pressed for time and who are normally rushing to get out of the house. They can go ahead and start getting ready for the day knowing that the coffee is brewing even before they get up. The birth of the gourmet coffee house also increased the popularity of coffee, though some feared that this would eliminate the need for coffee makers all together.

This does not seem to be the case. Coffee is no longer just for Mom and Dad in the mornings. More and more people are enjoying a steaming cup of coffee any time of the day, or even at night. Having a coffee maker in the kitchen allows people to do this in the comfort of their own homes, instead of having to visit a coffee house whenever they want a cup of java.

It is probably safe to say that coffee makers are going to remain a standard appliance for most American households. Coffee gets us going in the morning, and with the advances and changes made to what is really a simple machine, Americans are able to enjoy it more and more any time of the day.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as espresso coffee at


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