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Four Simple Principals For Controlling Weight Through Diet - When it comes to diet, weight control is the number one concern for people choosing to actively modify their meals for the sake of changing how much they weigh.

An Angel of an Ice Cream Cake - Ice Cream cakes are always something special.

Christmas Recipes Cakes Tarts Nos of Date GingerCake - Christmas recipe makes: 16 slices calories per serving: 210 preparation time: 20 minutes cooking time: 60 minutes suitable for freezing Christmas recipe ingredients: * oil * dates, stoned 125 g (4 oz) * stem ginger, in syrup 50 g (2 o.

How to keep your fat low for a healthier eating lifestyle - Everyone has heard about the importance of keeping the level of fat in the diet to a minimum.

Eating History The Potato - This root vegetable is probably one of the most widely used vegetables in our modern world.

Smoked Salt Way More than Just a Fad - It's been on FoodTV with Alton Brown.

Choosing a User Friendly Cookbook Tips - October is National Cookbook Month, making now the perfect time to add to your collection.

Christmas Recipes Main Dishes No of Glazed Pork withFig Stuffing - Christmas recipe serves: 6 calories per serving: 480 preparationj time: 30 minutes cooking time: 2 hours not suitable for freezing Christmas recipe ingredients: loin of pork, boned with skin scored, 1.

Eating History The Way to a Vikings Heart is Through hisStomach - Food history has always interested me.

The Migraine Headache Allergy Connection - Most everyone has had a headache at some time, but there are people who cannot function on a daily basis due to headache pain.

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