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Maki Madness: Fresh Sushi Recipes and Foolproof Directions To Get Your Party Rolling
Sunset, March, 2005 by Charity Ferreira

Don't let sushi chefs have all the fun. Turn the spreading, layering, tucking, and rolling into a party at home. There's no wrong way to make sushi: Depending on their dexterity and ambition, your guests can make traditional maki (rolls), assemble more free-form cones, or eat chirashi ("scattered-style" sushi) by piling the rice on their plates and topping it with the seafood and vegetable fillings.

Salmon Stars in Sushi Role

Chef Katsuo "Naga" Nagasawa at Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey, California, presents smoked salmon in a beautifully structured, time-honored sushi roll. But he goes beyond tradition by seasoning the rice like a salad. Inspired by his innovation but lacking his technical skill, I've borrowed the essentials of Naga's salmon roll for a simpler - but still traditional - temaki (hand-rolled sushi). I present the ingredients separately; diners put a little of each on a square of nori, then fold the seaweed over the filling - sort of a Japanese taco.

Sushi Surprise - Marketing Store-Made Sushi
Entrepreneur by Jerry Fisher

Denver-based Brand Management Inc., a food branding consultancy, recently got the nod to help a local supermarket chain improve consumer awareness of its prepared sushi offerings. The main objective of the project was to convince potential customers that the supermarket's take-home sushi is as good as restaurant sushi.