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Party Appetizers Easy Make Ahead Treats Your Friends Will Remember

The weather is changing. Finally, the outdoor season is in sight and if you're like me, there will be all sorts of parties to attend. The pool is calling, kids will soon be out of school and I'm looking great in my new swim trucks! Well, not really, but I do have some new swim trunks. But who has time to make an appetizer? Work, kids, traffic. and you're not stopping at the deli for some of that cardboard-tasting stuff-right? No siree! The key to delicious food is its uniqueness.

Who wants the everyday? I don't know about you, but how many types of artichoke dip are out there? And hummus? How about something light and easy, but filled with flavor? Something healthy? With these two products, you'll be the hit at your next gathering. Check it out. 3 (Roma) tomatoes 2 stalks celery 2 green onions 1/4 bunch cilantro 1/2 peeled cucumber 1/2 yellow bell pepper 1/2 red bell pepper 1 shaved carrot 1/2 bottle Coyote Trail Garlic Chile Marinade Chop all ingredients salsa style.

Pour Coyote Trail Garlic Chile Marinade and mix well. Refrigerate and serve as side salad or with pita chips. This is the best Hot afternoon, Summer-evening dish that you could ever bring to a friend's home.

It's Low Carb all the way! It's loaded with unique flavor, healthy and it's easy. Ready to discover Wake Up Chile? A little known fact about our Coyote Trail cooking sauces is that they stand alone as delicious and nutritious food. We have customers who literally spoon green chile from the bottle to their mouth.

In a recent testimonial one mom told us how her daughter spread our green sauce over toast! Now, that's what I call good eating. So, how will all of this make you a total favorite at your next party? Here's how - Before the party, pour a 16 oz. bottle of Coyote Trail Green Chile Sauce into a microwavable bowl. Make it a nice one because this will be what your friends will see once you arrive.

Take a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and add to the top of the Green Sauce. Add some finely chopped green onions or chives. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until you are ready to leave. Once you arrive at the party, microwave the bowl for about 45 seconds with the plastic wrap on. remove and serve with chips.

Now, this is a con queso your friends will be talking about for months!.

Chuck Machado is President of New Mexico Chile Company makers of gourmet cooking sauces under the label Coyote Trail. They can be found at retail stores in the Southwest or at their website.


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