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Lu Lin top quality Chinese Teas

Chinese teas history brief: The ancient Chinese used tea leafs for medical purposes, and then developed the infusion we know as tea; to this day tea is said to purge the digestive system of 'toxins'. Later the Chinese learned to grow tea plants and use their leaves to make various types of tea. Most popular types of Chinese teas: Green tea - Green tea is indeed the most widely consumed drink in the world after water. Green tea is very popular in China and there are many varieties of green teas available today. The green teas are favored because of their fresh and subtle taste. Green tea is said to have more natural substances than other teas that are available in the market and it is full of vitamins.

One should always take appropriate amount of green tea each day, just because it benefits your health and reduces your weight, it should not be taken recklessly. You should follow a regular diet while taking green tea. Black tea or red tea - Black or red tea as the Chinese call it, is picked, rolled to expose the juices in the leaf to the air fully, and then fired. Most black tea being produced today represents the most ordinary, substandard tea ever made.

Our Keemun black teas from China are the world's finest, full of complexity, variety and beauty of appearance. White tea - is the most natural form of tea. It is only made from the buds, when they are in their most tender form. It has neither processing nor the fermentation stage of most teas. A rare drink and a wonderful taste developed by the Kings and Queens of ancient China.

Oolong tea - long consumed to enhance health, oolong tea is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in oolong tea scavenge the body for free radicals - molecules that can damage muscle tissue, hinder immune system function and more - and prevent oxidative stress. Oolong tea can enhance focus because of its caffeine content. Caffeine helps to stimulate the frontal cortex of the brain and this result in intense focus, improved memory function, and enhanced thinking abilities. Persons who supplement with oolong tea report an increased desire to train. Pu-erh tea - The Chinese believe that Pu-erh has even greater health properties than other teas.

From a Chinese Medical point of view, Pu-erh invigorates the spleen, disinhibits dampness, clears stomach heat, and counteracts alcohol toxins. Pu-erh's ability to aid fat metabolism has lead to claims that it can assist in weight loss regimes. Flowering tea - a conversation starter at any tea or dinner party. Tender silver needle tea buds and freshly picked flowers like jasmine are skilfully sewn together by Chinese artisans into tea balls or tea blossoms. When steeped in hot water, each blossom magically unfurls into a stunning floral display that will surprise and delight your guests. As only the finest quality silver needle teas are selected to create our blooming teas, they taste every inch as good as they look.

Chrysanthemum tea - is one of China's most popular herbal teas. This tea is well-known for its cooling properties that help to decrease body heat and is recommended for those with fever, sore throat, and other heat-related illnesses. Our Chrysanthemum tea is a special grade known as the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) Chrysanthemum. Healthy aspects of Chinese teas: Oolong Teas are Good For: Longevity/anti-aging Anti Oxidant Combat Fatigue Slimming Lower cholesterol Heart Anti-bacterial Digestion Green Teas are good for: Anti Aging To Combat Osteoporosis Heart Anti-bacterial Slimming Digestion White Teas are Good For: Longevity/anti-aging Anti-bacterial Digestion Puerh Teas are Good For: Longevity/anti-aging Anti Oxidant Blood Pressure Prevent Cancer Combat Fatigue Slimming Lower cholesterol Heart Anti-bacterial Digestion Flower Teas are Good For: Anti Oxidant Slimming Longevity/anti-aging Anti-bacterial Digestion.

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