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Grinding at Home Using a Burr Coffee Grinder

It is the most common type of coffee grinder available, compared to those coffee grinders that rely on the chopping method to produce ground coffee. The burr style of grinding is renowned for its ability to produce uniformly ground beans. This is very important since uniformly ground coffee offers an even surface area to extract from while brewing your coffee.

In addition, when brewing espresso, the burr coffee grinder supplies uniformly ground coffee that allows for an easier wetting and packing of coffee grounds in the espresso machine. What can a burr coffee grinder do for you? Well, conical burr grinders can grind quite finely at a consistent pace while keeping aroma intact the most. The sophisticated design of its steel burrs permits a high gear reduction to reduce grinding speed. Aroma is preserved at an optimum level since less speed means less heat filters to the ground coffee. Burrs are the main feature of a high-quality grinder with the conical burr type being the best.

Burr coffee grinders are ideal for any kind of coffee machine (such as French Press, Percolators, Drip and Espresso) due to the variety of grind settings. You may opt to buy higher-end conical burr grinders to create Turkish coffee since these grinders have an extra fine grind to them, with grinding speed usually below 500 rpm. Those burr grinders featuring disk type burrs have a faster grinding speed compared to conical burr grinders. Though they do produce more warmth in the coffee by using speeds of 10,000 to 20,000 rpm, these grinders are deemed the most economical at producing consistently ground beans via a comprehensive range of applications.

They are perfect for the majority of home pump espresso makers. Still, their grind is not as fine as those produced by conical burr grinders. You should also consider ease of cleaning, safety, noise and static when shopping for a burr coffee grinder. For ease of cleaning, some models feature removable upper burrs and a cleaning brush so the grinding chamber can be reached. For safety reasons, certain burr grinders will not start grinding until beans have been placed in the grinding chamber, whether or not the grinder is open or closed. Others will not grind until the bean container has been set properly in place.

You may want to select grinders which are not so loud since the noise can be quite annoying. As far as the static cling of the ground coffee is concerned, there are 2 steps to follow: when removing the grounds container for any type of burr grinder, tap it gently and take it out slowly; then when removing the blade grinding lid, again tap the top of the grinder and take away the lid slowly. By analyzing these details and following them, you may be able to find the burr coffee grinder that is just right for you.

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