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Fantastic Asparagus

Asparagus is one of the most healthy plants that people routinely eat, and whether you are trying to burn weight, build strength or simply eat in a more healthy fashion, you'll find that by simply adding asparagus to your recipes that you can do yourself a world of good. While some people like to add asparagus on as a side dish, it can easily be seen that with a little bit of effort and research that you can do a great deal to make this appetizing vegetable an excellent main course on your dinner table. In as far as fruits and vegetables go, asparagus is extremely good for you. A ten ounce serving of asparagus is not only low in calories, but will also provide you with a variety of vitamins and minerals that you might be missing. You'll find that it is an excellent source zinc, calcium, manganese and copper.

It is also an excellent source of folic acid, making it an extremely desirable food for pregnant women or people who need to maintain their health. It is also interesting to note that studies have been done that link asparagus to anticarcinogens and consumption of the vegetable itself will help prevent tumors and cancers in lab animals. You'll also notice that asparagus's short shelf life will let you know in no uncertain terms when it is no longer rich in nutrients. You can tell when its time to throw out the vegetable when its stems start to softens and its tips become wet and slimy. Fresh in a bunch or pickled to a yellow paleness, the multiple ways available of cooking asparagus will satisfy the fussiest eaters.

Think about making a cream of asparagus soup if you enjoy dairy. When used in soup, the asparagus will turn tastily soft while preserving its crunchiness, and it accompanies cheeses and creams fairly well due to its delightfully gentle flavor. You will also discover that you can add to its texture by adding nuts like crushed walnuts or cashews. An excellent way of using it in light lunches or dinners would be to simply pour your favorite sauce over the spears which have been steamed.

It also goes well in hand with a creamy white sauce, like mentioned earlier, or maybe teriyaki sauce, for a more sweeter and savory taste. Take some time to learn about this pleasant and powerful vegetable and see what it can do for you!.

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