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Delicacies of the USA

When Americans think about delicacies, they often think of food from foreign countries. Many people don't realize that the USA has its own delicacies as well. The truth is that every region of the world has certain foods that are associated with that region alone. This is what makes the food across the world a truly special and interesting thing to enjoy.One of the delicacies of the USA is USDA prime grade beef.

When you visit places around the world, you won't find something as delicious and wonderful as this type of beef. With a large part of the United States being agricultural areas, it is no wonder that the USDA prime grade beef is considered a delicacy.Another one of the USA delicacies is Maine lobster.

Maine lobsters are found in the cool and often rocky waters of the shores of North America. They can grow to be quite large and are known to be some of the largest lobsters of the world.The Maryland blue crab is also a known American delicacy. These blue tinted crabs are found in along the American shores of the Atlantic Ocean. They are cooked and eaten in their shells for the most part, although some people do eat them without the shell at all.

The Morel mushrooms are one of the most sought after USA delicacies. These mushrooms are often found at the sites that were previously damaged by forest fires. The mushrooms are used by many gourmet chefs when they are preparing French dishes and can be quite expensive because they are so rare.

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