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Cuppers Masterly Pick the Best Coffee

Think you love coffee enough to make it your life? Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who make a living simply by drinking coffee. These so called "cuppers" are the people who decide which coffee is the best and what everyone should be drinking. Cuppers tour the world tasting coffees, writing reviews and judging coffee contests.

They are the coffee trendsetters, and their word is the last word on what becomes the "hottest" cup of coffee (no pun intended). Of course, if it is too late to dedicate yourself to a life as a cupper, there is no reason you can't at least get in on some of the fun. You don't need to own the the perfect espresso or cappuccino maker in order to be a cupper. Learn to drink your coffee like a cupper and appreciate coffee in a whole new way. Cupper Coffee Techniques - Put Them To Work for You When a cupper tastes a cup of coffee, there are a few basic things they want to find out about the cup.

They want to first know what it smells like, and then they want evaluate the taste of the cup to see what kind of flavors are there, as well the acidity level and the body of the coffee. It is not unlike wine tasting in essence - the cupper and thw wine taste look for many of the same characteristics. If you want to evaluate your own cups of coffee, you must first start with plenty of fresh, filtered water. Good coffee doesn't stand a chance against bad water.

Bad water comes from a lot of places. Water can become bad just be sitting out for too long and absorbing too much oxygen. Old pipes that are filled with mildew can give water a funny taste. If you have soft water, the softeners often leave their taste in the water. With the right water, it is time to make the coffee.

Forget your coffee pot and set some water on the stove to boil. Grind your beans to your desired level of fineness and put a spoonful of coffee into a small cup. Pour the boiled water on top and allow it to brew for a few minutes.

Now, you can either drain the coffee out or simply spoon some coffee, sans grinds, into your mouth. Remember, you are tasting here, not drinking whole cups. If you really want to be a purist, spit the coffee out after swishing it through your mouth a few times.

Now, decide what kind of coffee this is. What subtle flavors do you detect? Is it high on acid and very smooth? Is the coffee weak for full bodies? How sweet is it? Are there floral tones or chocolate tones? Write down all of the characteristics of the coffee, and of course which you like best, and you will see an emerging trend of what kind of coffee is really your favorite, whether it is smooth and strong or acidic and floral. Now, you can act as your very own cupper and masterly decide which brew is right for you yourself!.

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