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Become a Barbequing Hippy Change Out Your Propane for Natural Gas

Everyone who does more than casual cooking on their gas grill should convert from propane to natural gas if at all possible. The ultimate convenience of not running out of fuel or having to change the tank is definitely worth the time, effort and cost. Grilling is a fantastic hobby. It is so simple and accessible to go outside to your grill - take off the grill cover and pronto - the grill is ignited.

No leftover charcoal ashes to clean up first. No need to find a bag of charcoal, No need to empty the charcoal briquettes into the grill and light.No doubt of is there enough propane in the tank to cook the steaks? But, all gas grills purchased today by consumers are equipped to use bottled propane gas that comes in a refillable container. Thus, in order to ensure that you will not run out of propane gas while you are a nice steak, you must have a spare container of propane gas available.

If the first container should happen to run low while you are a nice steak, you can quickly replace the empty container with the full one and continue the cooking process. Murphys law holds especially while a nice steak - understand the propane container to empty while you are in the middle of cooking those amazing ribs. Panic! And of course it will only happen when you are entertaining guests. How do you eliminate this crisis? Convert from propane to natural gas for your grill and have a continuous flow and endless supply of natural gas forever in the future.

What is the difference? What must I do? Why wont my grill work as is on natural fuel? We will now answer all of those questions and state how to convert from propane to natural gas on your grill. But before you can convert from propane to natural gas, you will need to have a accessible source of natural gas for your gas grill with a quick disconnect connector. Assuming you already have natural fuel coming into your house for cooking or heating purposes, a connection can be brought to your grilling area by a plumber. First, what is the difference between propane and natural gas? Propane is stored in a container under much pressure.

Therefore the orifices that control the gas flow in your grill have a smaller opening for propane. The smaller orifice allows the proper flow of natural gas to escape to the burner and ignite. If you connect a gas grill fitted with propane orifices to a natural gas supply, the pressure in the natural gas line is much less and an insufficient amount of natural gas would escape the orifice to the gas burner. Not enough natural gas would reach the burner to ignite properly. There requirements to be an larger orifice for sufficient gas to escape to the burner to ignite properly.

Nearly all gas grill manufacturers will offer a natural gas orifice for your model grill. Contact your local distributor - he will be able to order new natural gas orifices for you if he does not have them in stock. The difficulty of changing from propane to natural gas orifices depends upon your grill.

Some gas grills have easier access to the orifices than others. Usually detailed directions will be provided with the new orifices. After the gas orifices are installed but before you reassemble the rest of the grill, you will want to check all of your connections for any leaks. To do this check, do not light any burners. Make sure all of the burner orifices are closed or in the shut off position. Connect your gas supply hose to the natural gas connection.

Turn on the gas. Using soapy water around each connection, see if any gas bubbles seem at any of the connections. If you detect a leak - shut off the gas, Repair the connection and repeat the test. Once you determine that there are no leaks, finish reassembling the gas grill. Congratulations! You will never run out of a supply of gas while bbq again.

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