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Agricultural Innovation Highpitched Sound Emitters for Produce

Insecticides, pesticides take its toll on the water supply, fields and the produce itself. We put these foods in our bodies and they obviously to some extent affect us.As the organic family farmer finds a niche to compete in to stay in business in the new age of Corporate Farming, they have looked for technology to provide that edge. The Corporate Farms have used Bio-Tech Science to give them the economies of scale and edge in the world markets.

Agricultural Innovation for some Washington State Organic Farmers now include of all things - High-pitched Sound Emitters for Produce. And it works. We know that certain sound frequencies are used by bats, and this bounces sound waves off the insects so they can know where they are. A Bat can eat 1000 bugs an hour. WOW. Sometimes lining them up and flying through them and eating several every few seconds.

Very efficient eating machine and highly evolved. We can use these types of things to find anomalies with UAVs as they fly without a radar signature. The sound also temporarily screws up bugs senses for a second, that is all it takes to adjust the flight pattern open their mouth and eat them. Now then confused bugs are not in the eating mode to eat crops and therefore perhaps the bugs think it is a Bat or perhaps they just get confused either way this new innovation is working.http://kino-ap.eng.


edu/dukenvironment/spring2002/dolphins.html.This is a great idea to reduce chemicals used in farming in highly sensitive areas. Whereas we are getting much better with insecticides and pesticides in commercial corporate farming and are being able to use very little to do very much. Perhaps the West Nile Virus will be kept at bay by emitters near stagnant bodies of water near schools, old folks homes and hospitals.

This is an ancient idea in farming, which is being re-learned by modern man, now we know more than ever before about sound and are learning more every day. This is something, which can be used worldwide in areas where clean water is the key to reducing disease and despair.

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By: Lance Winslow


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